"Sea Horse" brand was establish in the mid 80s' in Hong Kong. The major product lines focus on household products. The brand aims at the general public, famous for its excellent quality with economic pricing. In 1987, the Sea Horse Healthy Mattress was launched. The products has been applauded by the users since then. According to SRH report, Sea Horse Mattresses and pillows have been the number one best sellers in Hong Kong and Singapore. And "Sea Horse" mattresses achieved No. 1 in terms of sales volume with lion's share in Hong Kong for 26 consecutive years. Sea Horse brand is a ideal choice for consumers looking for top grade products with reasonable price.

This unprecedented record has entirely reflected brand recognition in the consumers' mind, further consolidating the market leadership position. Even 5-star hotels, public organizations, university dormitories and elderly homes patronize "Sea Hosre" mattresses, pillows. All of these prove that the extraordinary quality and professional image of Sea Horse has been recognized by all walks of life. In the future, Sea Horse will continue to excel in the industry.