Category: Mattress

Award level: Platinum

The beginning of this year, the "Sea Horse Brand" won the 2014 mattresses Hong Kong, China Macau and Singapore sales championship in Hong Kong and Macau with great proportion ahead of other brands in the industry.

Sea Horse mattress brand has been the best seller in Hong Kong for 26 consecutive years since 1989. In 1998 leading a market share of 68% records, a big lead from the second place.

In 2014, it got 71% rapidly growing market share in Macau and is an extraordinary in the industry. In 2015 Sea Horse it will continue to maintain strong growth strength.

Many 5-star hotels, public organisations, hospitals, government departments, university dormitories and elderly homes patronise Sea Horse mattresses and pillows, manifesting that the superior quality and professional image of Sea Horse have been recognised by all walks of life.

Sea Horse makes a substantial investment in research and development to ensure its customers continue to enjoy top-quality products at competitive prices. In 2015, Sea Horse inputs a huge amount to build a brand new production base in Vietnam, in order to smoothen the production process and reduce the cost to sustain the competitive power.